This multimodal resource site is designed to empower educators to incorporate the perspectives of Vietnamese-American writers into their post-secondary literature courses.

On each author page, there is a quote (that can be used as a conversation prompt), a bio/author interview, suggested texts, and research questions related to that author’s work that could be used to frame a unit, discussion, lesson, or assignments.

Supporting resources (theory, analysis, criticism, author interviews, etc.) are listed on a separate page, and linked directly to the questions/content on the author pages. These resources can also be used to support the sample lessons.

The last page contains sample lessons, assignments, and resources for teaching individual texts and engaging students in intertextual work. Included on this page is a framework for teaching literary analysis to beginning post-secondary literature students, as well as assignment descriptions and rubrics for multimodal projects designed to engage students in individual text and intertextual analysis.

This organizational framework allows educators flexibility in terms of which texts to assign, as well as how to structure class discussions and student work. The site is designed to be collaborative and evolve over time. If you have resources or ideas to share on this topic, please contact the site coordinator Jen Bouchard, Normandale Community College (

The image above is Vietnamese-American multimedia artist Tiffany Chung’s reconstructing an exodus history: boat trajectories in Asia, 2017. You can read more about it here.